Paint Or Refinish Floors To Redecorate And Increase Home Value

Paint or refinish flooring? Either is a super way to sit up straight, modernize, or remodel any domestic. Real property experts country that older, dull, or ugly flooring not only offend the eye, they knock hundreds off the price of a home. On the alternative hand, selecting to paint or refinish floors can boom the value of the house via hundreds extra than they value.

When deciding whether or not to color or refinish floors, you should first photograph on your mind how you need the room to offer itself. Painting hardwood flooring a white or off white color could make a room cheery and sunny. This is exquisite for sunrooms and children’s bedrooms. Bathrooms also can be made brighter with a white ground, and they’re easy to smooth. Also, rooms that have very vintage, extensive planked flooring regularly seem less antiquated while painted. Many times, people will pick out to paint these flooring a darker color.

Painting a hardwood floor tends to be less complicated than refinishing. Both require the floor to be very well cleaned and sanded. Normally, the painting simplest wishes two or 3 coats and can be carried out with a paint roller. Also, painted flooring do now not want a finish. Oil based totally paints are advocated over latex due to the fact they are more durable and simpler to clean.


Interior designers pick out a refinished floor as opposed to a painted ground because refinished hardwood floors have a extra traditional appearance. A eating room may be made greater formal with a stained floor. Rooms that need to seem extra spacious do nicely with a end over natural timber. People occasionally pick a darker finish because it does not display scuff marks as without difficulty as lighter and painted floors.

Refinishing a floor takes a bit extra paintings than portray. It is commonly carried out through brush or sponge, consistent with the goods instructions. One coat of stain should be thinly implemented and carefully dry earlier than beginning a brand new coat. Once they may be stained, they may want to have finish carried out. Most merchandise require a completely mild sanding among coats of end.

Whether you pick out to paint or refinish flooring it could be tough paintings. Once completed, you will be very happy you probably did it. You may have a stunning new room accented by using the new floors. Not best will you have extended the fee of your private home, you will have a room that you may need to spend all your time in.