Why Social Justice and Community Development?

Many present day and incoming college students have requested for a description of the differences between the Social Justice and Community Development tracks of the MASJCD. In the past, I even have spoke back this query in a type of shorthand: Social Justice “thinks globally”; Community Development “acts domestically”. Here, I attempt to placed extra meat on the ones bones.

The largest idea in the back of the introduction of the MASJCD turned into to sign up for the theoretical and theological study of social justice to a place-based totally practice and policy technique to change in city communities. While the examine of social justice leads closer to movement, the take a look at of network improvement provides powerful and demonstrated tools for motion. So, any other system is probably that the have a look at of social justice reveals why we should act and the have a look at of community improvement indicates what we are able to do.

It also can be said that community improvement is a shape of social justice. Our spiritual traditions communicate in reality about the injustices of poverty, of war and of oppression of the powerless. Answering this call frequently leads students to involvement in justice problems like casting off poverty and hunger, finishing wars, empowering ladies or welcoming immigrants. Community improvement-constructing robust and freeing groups wherein the economic system is to be had to all, in which each member is a valued contributor, and in which get right of entry to to fitness care, schooling and relaxed housing is a mandate-fulfills the social justice vision.

CD additionally worries itself with systems-their evaluation and the ways in which they should trade to come to be equitable and sustainable. Understanding housing policy and the information of housing manufacturing are vital to converting the housing gadget. Knowing the economics and politics of food production is important to work to provide neighborhood communities with get right of entry to to wholesome meals. As one Chicago community developer frequently says, “We need to discover ways to make massive systems paintings for small locations.” Studying community development ends in that discovery.

illicit financial flows, a controversy may be made that significant understanding of each regions is vital to real and lasting trade, and that is why there is an MASJCD. Toward that cease, we do now not require students to claim a song until one full-time semester has exceeded (one year for element-time college students). And we quite advise that scholars take publications in both tracks early in their studies or even once they have selected a tune-a sort of primary/minor association. The quality mix of idea and exercise, of worldwide troubles and nearby systems will produce the exceptional retailers of social alternate-the aim of our program.