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Size Charts

Size measurements are generally provided in the detail section of each clothing item.  Select the item of interest and scroll down to the Product Description section. A size chart should be present.

If information has not been provided or updated on the website, please complete the Contact Us form and provide the SKU and size in order to obtain the measurements. Email inquiries are typically answered the same business day or within 1 - 2 business days.  Email requests for information submitted on Friday will typically be answered the following Monday.

At times the size chart will provide the Label and the Size Estimate.  The label is the label sewn or attached to the clothing item. Sometimes, clothing runs large or small, therefore a size estimate for the clothing has been provided in the column next to the label.

Generally size S or Small represents clothing for an infant or baby that is approximately 6 months old. However in the example below, the clothing runs small for the S or Small size based on average measurements for special occasion clothing. Therefore a size estimate was provided recommending size S would be for an infant or baby that is approximately 3 months old. The size estimate is based on the chest and length measurements of the clothing in the example below.

Label  Size  Estimate
Chest Length (Shoulder to Hem)  
S 3 months 18.25" 46.4 cm 15.5" 39.4 cm
M 6/12 months 20.25" 51.4 cm 17" 43.2 cm
L 18 months 21.75" 55.2 cm 18.5" 47 cm
XL 24 months 23" 58.4 cm 19.5" 49.5 cm

Since each infant or baby has different measurements, it is recommended to obtain measurements for an appropriate fit. This can be accomplished by:

  1. Measuring some of the child's existing clothing to obtain an idea of the measurements. 
  2. Measuring the child. Remember to add 1 -2 inches (2.5 - 5 cm) to your child's chest measurements for a comfortable fit.