50 Ideas For Increasing Profits and Cost Reduction

Do you need to realize 50 top notch income building thoughts that you can placed to immediately use on your commercial enterprise to increase profits and reduce costs?

If sure, read all these ideas which have been implemented by using clients and feature benefited them giving their corporations dramatic raise in profitability. Most thoughts may be positioned to movement at once. Each idea has the capability to give you many %points boom in net profits.

Research indicates income increase through four%-fifty six% and costs reduce via 18%-37% within 2 years the usage of the easy five step system referred to as the Profit Maps Model. Usually a 5% discount in cost is good enough to turnaround most loss making organizations.

Businesses can calculate the fee of the savings by means of those 2 easy formulation

If the enterprise made a loss

Total Costs and Expenses = income + absolute value of internet loss +/- earnings tax = say X

Minimum Savings you’ll make in 2 years = 5% of X (which changed into calculated above)

If the business made a income

Total Costs and Expenses = sales + internet earnings +/- earnings tax = say Y

Minimum Savings you will make in 2 years = 5% of Y (which turned into calculated above)

So how plenty are you able to shop? Improve your earnings by means of?


This class normally consists of inflows of sources into the business generated via operations.

Needless to mention the income building system may be used to generate marketing and sales ideas. The following ideas were generated with the objective of increasing revenue with very little effect at the price shape.

Revenue Increasing Ideas

1. If your company has centers placed over a multi-geographical region you may be able to hire antenna space to cell phone groups. Typically these corporations pays for the use of rooftops as a place to erect their antennas. Another option is for billboards as advertising if you occupy a crucial place with a excessive visibility building. This enhances your sales with none additional cost you. The point here is to explore opportunity uses to your facilities. Remember they are property that may be used 24 hours a day, seven days every week. There are severa opportunities to be had for extended sales in case you search for them. Training room and characteristic room centers may be rented out inside the nighttime or weekends. How about spare land or excess slots you personal for public car parking?

2. Determine whether your enterprise can marketplace fee and non-commissioned merchandise as upload-on sales. Look for opportunities to sell merchandise for your existing customer base at no extra fee. Examples are catalogue income to airline passengers and the sale of miscellaneous products to credit card customers. You may have the possibility to do some thing similar. Your customers have greater cost than you realize.

Three. Is there any extra value in your consumer database? Perhaps your business may want to generate additional sales through selling the facts. Alternatively don’t forget starting a telemarketing branch to market another line of products or services. Depending in your business and the character of your patron base you could have something high-quality here.

Four. Explore the advantages of an powerful e-method such as e-commerce, e-enterprise, e- human beings and e-generation. There isn’t any query that the new opportunities to be had thru the Internet provide new and progressive methods to boom profits and decrease expenses. Consult with an professional on this location which includes a cross-section of your employees and magic will manifest.

Five. Segment your clients into heavy consumer and light person classes and decide the difference between those agencies. What wishes to be finished to generate another sale from each classes? All customers are critical. What can you learn about the distinctive styles of clients to determine whether or not greater promoting occasions feasible? Make the maximum of those customers; you have already got them.

6. Develop retention techniques as well as increase techniques. In ultra-modern markets, it is as vital to keep on in your existing patron base as it to develop your enterprise. It took you a sure quantity of resources to attract your customers: you could need to explore approaches to retain a high percent. What is your price to acquire a patron? What is your price to maintain a consumer? Do your personnel realize?

7. Continue to look for augmented merchandise and/or offerings that could add cost without including expense.

8. Explore opportunities to licence or franchise your enterprise products or services for additional marketplace percentage or penetration

nine. Explore merger and acquisition scenarios in which efficiencies might be received for all organizations involved.

10. Develop a dating with a long-distance service wherein your employer will distribute smartphone playing cards in your client base in return for a price or residual commission.


This class normally incorporates costs associated with

· Management Pay
· Non-control Pay
· Hourly Wages
· Training Labour
· Overtime Pay
· All Other Pay, Wages and Salary gadgets

Cost Saving Ideas

eleven. Establish a 45 to 60 hour in line with week work surroundings most of the managers. Cost structures amongst your competition are essentially much like your cost shape so that you will attain a bonus due to the fact your managers are working greater hours. This assumes that your managers are effective. Managers who have responsibility for a team of workers of hourly personnel are usually at the facility, a retail outlet, eating place or workplace as a minimum this amount of time. Sometimes business quantity is extremely low at early or ultimate hours. During the gradual hours managers can save drastically with the aid of scheduling fewer personnel and filling it themselves. In addition to the Labour savings, managers will become extra knowledgeable approximately operations and could locate methods to enhance customer support, education and operations. I have put this method in place in numerous places. At the start there’ll always be resistance, but once managers get beyond the initial hump things will run easily. I also discover that sure incentive programmes work well here. Get the manager’s incentives based on Labour greenback saved and they come to understand the method.

12. Effectively control your salary management programs. Many companies pay lip service to this precept however didn’t attain genuine tiers of success in salary administration and control. To start, ensure you have a salary variety for every function inside the corporation. Salaries ought to be dependent so that the midpoint calculator is one hundred, the minimal is 80% and the most is one hundred twenty%. The primary philosophy is that the candidate should be employed into a function between the minimal and the midpoint on the idea of his or her level of experience. The employees are then moved higher within the range on the premise of performance. This philosophy is based totally on the idea that mid-factor is the amount the location is really worth to the company. Employees can gain a further 20% thru stellar overall performance. Few personnel need to be paid over the one hundred twenty% variety. Each job is worth a particular amount to the company. If a new hire desires schooling to end up green in a selected process, that employee is running at a degree beneath the really worth of the placement and therefore need to be paid on the minimum earnings range. When the worker’s performance rises at a hit of completion of schooling and may perform a hundred% of the process duties move the employee speedy closer to the midpoint of the earnings variety.

Thirteen. Insist that a earnings survey be achieved each yr to make sure which you have performed the desired community role relative for your opposition. In this example the opposition is the ones organizations that could recruit your personnel. You need to ensure that if you survey 10 competition; you have got a profits variety higher than seventy five% of those corporations to your key positions and better than 50% of these groups for decrease-degree positions. Implementing this method will help you reduce turnover and will also make sure which you are not overpaying for positions.

14. Make sure your earnings management software lets in for normal income evaluate. Typically, this is completed once a year for salaried employees and each six months for hourly personnel. The review have to include a overall performance appraisal shape and the employee’s overall performance levels ought to correspond with established pay increases. In different phrases, set up the pay in your performance assessment device.

15. Establish a bell curve of revenue increases. Let’s say that approximately 8% of your employees are advanced performers, 12% are above average, 60% are common, 12% are truthful, and 8% are bad. Create a profits increase guiding principle that mirrors this curve, with the higher appearing employees receiving better increases. For instance advanced personnel are given 6% to 7%, above average personnel four% to 5%, common employees 3%, truthful personnel 2%, and poor personnel zero%. This allows the agency to check and reward performance whilst nonetheless assembly its revenue increase finances. Obviously, your purpose is to hold to educate and broaden your group of workers. Occasionally, low appearing employees ought to get replaced with the ones maximum perfect to the position. The Bell curve is only a process to make sure that superstar performers are known and rewarded for his or her work.

Sixteen. Establish the earnings increase guideline finances and keep on with it. Plan revenue increases for the approaching yr via the usage of the Bell curve referred to in the above idea. Department managers must price range profits increases for employees assuming that the subsequent yr’s performance will be at the equal stage as this yr’s. Please be aware that some performance rankings will exchange. There will always be exceptions. This procedure will assist make sure that your business enterprise will remain inside the new earnings growth finances.

17. The income growth guideline finances have to be preapproved. When a distinctive rating is submitted at some point of the yr, treat it as an exception and ensure to justify it because performances can change- it may pass up or down. A strict income administration application will ensure that budgets are executed.

18. Establish a training fee for all appropriate positions. This is essential when your organisation reports higher levels of turnover for the duration of the primary and 2d months of employment. The education rate is decrease than the usual pay price and is applicable best at some stage in the education length. Employees are given a improve as soon as the schooling has been finished satisfactorily. Determine whether or not the education price could be mounted for other positions inside the organisation.

19. Where the training fee isn’t appropriate, establish a probationary charge for the standard ninety day duration. This fee is decrease than the same old pay charge and is relevant simplest throughout the first 90 days of employment. If performance is exceptional, the employee will get hold of a raise to the same old pay charge. Determine whether a probationary rate might be set up for all positions in the employer.

20. Develop a labour-control gadget wherein a computer predicts daily or hourly extent and the amount of labour needs on the basis of seasonality. Most groups have a trend cycle that may be measured with 15 minute increments. First, you must find a way to get past the belief that your commercial enterprise can’t be tracked this manner. There is a sample to your commercial enterprise. Discovering your enterprise sample is the first step closer to determining the way to manage your Labour cost. Management will give you many reasons why the enterprise can’t be tracked. Once you figure through all their concerns, you and your group can perceive those fashion gadgets, elements of your consumer behaviour that, in fact, may be tracked and time table Labour therefore.

21. Determine whether your new hires might qualify for the centered process tax credit software wherein a percent of training greenbacks is refunded by using the authorities.

22. Determine whether your organisation would qualify for tax benefits for providing worker childcare services.

23. If your employees take care of cash transactions, installation software driven coins reconciliation manner to keep time at shift modifications and at final. This may even reduce coins shortages. This kind of procedure additionally saves time within the cash out manner.

24. Constantly look for software adjustments which can lessen labour. Seconds saved could also mean bucks earned. Using generation is a herbal technique to the entire attempt of productiveness improvement. If your business has now not recently explored this location, effective gear that presently exist might also surprise you.

25. Have an commercial engineer compare your enterprise in phrases of time and motion studies to decide whether or not additional efficiencies can be completed in regions where excessive throughput is vital. This technique can still work nowadays. Some managers run their agencies the equal way they did 10 or two decades ago. Time and movement research could have an impact on cost savings, productiveness, customer support, and employee morale.

26. Establish a self-regulating team with the specific obligation of enhancing productiveness and decreasing prices in a particular department or area of the agency.

27. Develop an incentive to reduce absenteeism. This incentive should be linked to productiveness improvement dreams and to the availability of the group of workers. It must be based totally on lowering absenteeism from previous period. The incentives may be a vacation bonus primarily based on a 1% discount in absenteeism

28. Develop a variable pay program whereby control salaries are decreased 5% to ten% across the board and these dollars are set aside into a bonus pool. When there’s purpose fulfillment, managers have the potential to earn even better tiers of reimbursement. However, those bucks could be at risk if managers do no longer achieve earnings targets. The potential to earn even better degrees of compensation will help sell this item.

29. Controlling your personnel turnover is every other manner to reduce operating fees. Implementing strategies at some stage in the entire human sources cycle to ensure that all structures, processes, guidelines, and practices are tight stopping employees from falling thru the cracks. I refer to this as the human sources closed loop. If you consider it you’ll see that there’s a cycle to the human sources process. It starts with recruitment, interviewing, selection and location and keeps to orientation, education, income management, performance appraisal, improvement, merchandising, and eventually termination. Then the cycle begins once more. Make sure that all of the regions noted are worker pleasant and are designed to retain personnel. Identify any regions wherein upgrades might lessen the wide variety of employees leaving.

30. In order to decide in which are to area extra controls, degree your labour charges in terms of value according to unit, cost per test, price per guest take a look at, etc. Breaking your labour prices all the way down to the bottom unit will help you higher discover price saving thoughts. It can even make it less difficult to affect and manipulate.

Other Personnel Costs

This category could generally incorporates fees associated with

· Applied Payroll Burden
· Superannuation Employers Portion
· Vacation
· Paid Holidays
· Sick Leave
· Bonuses
· Short/Long term incapacity
· Group medical

Cost Saving Ideas

31. Make certain your company has a application that offers all complete-time personnel the possibility to get hold of a higher salary in lieu of accepting certain blessings (together with scientific, dental and lifestyles-coverage). Today many personnel are being carried on a partner’s plan. Why now not let these employees choose a higher salary in place of advantages? As long as income increases less than the fee of advantages, the company will keep money and personnel will increase their profits.

32. Evaluate the cost of your superannuation management. There are aggressive applications that could reduce administrative fees. A simple evaluation of three exclusive businesses will decide whether you have an possibility to recognize savings. Even if you do now not need to trade the current superannuation management you may nevertheless be capable of negotiate higher terms through displaying your evaluation.

33. Reduce employees reimbursement coverage via aggressively reducing injuries. Evaluate your workers reimbursement actual to determine your claims records. Most companies set an actual rate and in no way re-compare them even though their experiences trade. Depending in your business you may be amazed on the ability savings here.

34. Using the Internet conduct benefit surveys to conform your cost with the ones of similar firms.

35. Challenge third-birthday celebration carriers to reduce administration fees by way of the usage of the Profit Maps Model and passing the ones savings along to you.

36. Continue to monitor employees reimbursement expenses and broaden motion plans to reduce them.

37. Develop a returned to work programme that puts injured personnel in alternative positions. There are times when injured personnel need to remain lively within the business enterprise and suitable positions are available.

38. Negotiate settlements when lengthy-time period employees repayment conditions dictate.

39. Eliminate alcohol in any respect enterprise sponsored sports. This approach can prevent accidents, cut beverage charges at features and reduce risks.


This category commonly carries fees related to

· Long-Distance Telephone
· Cellular Phone
· Pagers
· Data traces
· Fax traces

Cost Saving Ideas

forty. Authorise a telecommunications representative to examine all your verbal exchange charges in phrases of prices charged, equipment used, and programmes provided, promotions to be had, usage, mobile cellphone options, long-distance service overall performance and pricing, fax and safety line combos, past payments, and so forth. Structure the contract so that the consultant bills on the premise of percent of price saved or refunds obtained. In this manner, there can be no value to you if the representative isn’t a success in improving your backside line. Review all areas of communique to ferret out these pockets of price that often go disregarded. Pagers and cellular phones are usually ordered and distributed with out the benefit of an organised plan. There are real and meaningful reductions in case you save around.

Forty one. Continue to renegotiate quotes and phrases with the providers who provide offerings. Set up an ongoing process for constantly renegotiating fees and terms.

Forty two. Monitor and manage your communications value on the basis of the price per unit take a look at (visitors check, or that like) that allows you to determine locations for exerting any extra control.


In this category normally costs related are

· Gas and Electricity Usage
· Water

Cost Saving Ideas

43. Authorise a application consultant to analyse your utility fees. Such experts would understand the way to deal effectively with the nearby public service groups if you want to discover benefits or neglected opportunities related to gasoline and electric powered offerings. They need to be completely accepted to test present device and facts. They need to be experienced in developing an index and analyses and developing call for graphs to identify conditions in which you may have been overcharged. They might additionally represent your troubles to the public software commission.

44. Pay your representative on the idea of a percentage of the savings associated with his or her movement steps. The typical fee is 25% to 30% of the confirmed savings and refunds over a selected time period. There should be no fee if financial savings aren’t verified.

45. Take strength conservation movement steps inclusive of placing thermostats at seventy two°F. Automatic controls have to be put in place to govern temperature in the course of off hours.

46. Turn off lighting fixtures in conference rooms, restrooms and officers whilst they may be now not in use.

Forty seven. Turn off all lighting fixtures no longer associated with security on the near of commercial enterprise.

Professional fees

This category normally includes fees associated with professional services including

· Legal and Human Resources Related Fees
· Proposals (home and international)
· Fees for Technical Services
· Other professional fees

Cost saving thoughts

48. Talk about charges. If your lawyer does not carry up the subject of prices, you should. Do not be shy. In business, legal professionals are free to set their personal expenses. The first-rate time to speak about is at the beginning of a new criminal be counted.

49. Try to settle cases in preference to litigate.

50. Have legal professionals layout widespread paperwork you may use in recurring transactions.


The extra you apprehend the electricity of this listing, the more you will recognise you should search out all the different ideas to gain your enterprise. Go to [http://www.Profitmaps.Com.Au] to gain and use a simple 5 step procedure that could do that on your enterprise.

As mentioned every concept has the ability to increase your internet earnings margin via many % points. Research shows earnings boom via four%-fifty six% and fees reduce by using 18%-37% within 2 years. Usually a five% reduction in price is adequate to turnaround maximum loss making groups.

To acquire the most benefit and ensure that the movements result in enhancing your bottom-line you want a structured technique or a process on an on-going basis which include the 5 step process suggested in